All Night Gonging, Puja Night

I RELEASE what doesn’t serve me anymore
I RECEIVE new energy for freeing myself
I RESTORE mind, body, and soul through the sound


Join us and experience 10 times stronger Sound Bath/Healing during your sleep.

Sleep with the gongs at our All Night Gonging – Puja Night as we play gongs through the night.

The word ‘Puja’ means reverence, honour, homage, adoration, and worship.
The Gong Puja offers Love, Reverence, and Devotion to the Divine, that resides within All Life.
A Ritual to honour and create the space for deep personal and collective transformation.

The Gong Puja was created by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux where the gongs are continuously played throughout the night for 7.5 hours (equivalent to 10 x 45 mins Gong baths) which is said to be a complete sound journey for shifting blockages and bringing in divine, powerful healing.

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ALL NIGHT PUJA And Brain Waves (

How does it work?
We are composed of approximately two-thirds water. Because water holds energy and information, our bodies are excellent conductors.
When the gongs are sounded/ACTIVATED, our bodies resonate/ACTIVATE and the sound spreads through the body to the bones. When encountering an obstacle or blockage, the sound can bypass or remove it, leading to various changes in the body.

During Sound Therapy, our brain waves slow down, shifting from an active state to a more relaxed, dreamlike state. Sound promotes inner stillness, allowing for deep healing to occur. It also strengthens the nervous system, balances the chakras, increases energy and vitality, and alleviates stress.

“When we allow our bodies to resonate with the sound and accept its healing vibrations, sound can heal not only our physical body but also our emotional and mental body. It aids in spiritual development, emotional tranquillity, and goal achievement.”

June 29th 2024

The Hay Barn, Five House Farm Courtyard, Sandon Road, Therfield, SG8 9RE
There is plenty of free on-site parking for visitors.

SG8 9RE, Therfield, North Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Price: (Buy Ticket/Pay Now)

Two payment options:

Pay £108 in full with booking.


Pay £38 non-refundable deposit is required to book your place. 
Pay £70 payable the latest one week before the event.

Due to limited spaces, we recommend booking in advance through Light In Crystals. to avoid disappointment.

Please don’t hesitate to message us to discuss available options.


  • Doors open at 20:30 for setting up beds and sleeping arrangements; please ensure timely arrival as doors close at 21:30.
  • We commence with the space Opening, Cleansing, and Dedication.
  • This is followed by a Universal Greeting/Agreement and Tea Ceremony. Then, guidelines for listeners and suggestions for setting intentions/prayers will be provided.
  • There we prepare for the night of dreaming and sound journeying.
    The Gong Bath begins at 23:00 and continues until 06:30, offering 7.5 hours of sound immersion with gongs led by Maria, Claire, and Ree.
  • From 06:30 to 07:00, experience Shunyata: the silence after the gong plays when the sound stops. This time allows for the integration and absorption of all received sounds, as this silence is just as crucial as the preceding sounds. Following the silence, you’ll be brought back to the present moment through chanting and chimes, followed by a grounding exercise.
  • Until 7:30, you will be able to talk and share your feelings and experiences. Fresh fruit, tea, and water will be provided.
  • Farewells will take place by 08:30 am.

What to expect:
Upon arrival, you’ll set up your bed for the night. We’ll then commence the evening by warmly welcoming everyone and detailing the plan.

Following this, we’ll hold a tea ceremony to open the heart and set any dedication and intentions you have.
During the Puja, you can choose to lie down, meditate, sleep, or simply drift in and out of consciousness. Beverages (tea, water) will be available throughout the event.
You’ll be enveloped in the gentle, continuous sound of the gongs, allowing your body to enter a deep state of relaxation. The vibrations will wash over you, unblocking, cleansing, and freeing you from any tension, frustration, or responsibilities of everyday life.
After 7.5 hours of continuous gentle gong playing, you’ll be gently awakened by the soft sounds of crystal bowls and chimes. You can bring your awareness back into reality at your own pace, and we’ll enjoy some herbal tea and fruit together. You’ll also receive information about aftercare and have an opportunity to share your experiences and feelings before you depart.

What to bring:

  • An open mind. Approach the Gong Puja with openness and respect for the sacred space and the facilitator. Honor the collective energy and refrain from unnecessary disruptions or distractions.
  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to relax fully and move freely and also warm clothing, consider bringing layers to adjust to changes in temperature-preferably WHITE. Comfort is the key during the Gong Puja, as you’ll be lying down for an extended period.
  • Bedding: Bring items that will help you be comfortable sleeping on the floor, such as camp beds, yoga mats, airbeds (single size per person; ensure you have an air pump if needed), reclining zero gravity chair can also provide comfortable support if you prefer a seated position.
    Sleeping bags/blankets, and a pillow. Please ensure blow-up beds are NOT noisy to disturb others.
  • Eye mask or anything (scarf) to cover your eyes for deeper relaxation and to fully surrender to the sound.
  • Earplugs will be provided if you’re a light sleeper; they won’t affect the power of the gong sound on your energy system.
    It is even advised to wear earplugs if the fullness of volume is too extreme for you. With ears covered, you can “ listen, you soak in the feeling tones through the cells of the largest organ of the body- the skin.”
  • Whatever you need to feel comfortable throughout the night, as you will undoubtedly be drifting in and out of a sleep trance.
  • Water bottle and please bring your own favourite mug.
    If you wish, you can bring any vegetarian snacks throughout the puja night, fruit and tea will be provided..


  • Pacemaker: The sound may alter its rhythm.
  • Metal Implants, Pins, Screws, etc.: The sound may resonate with metal.
  • Tinnitus, Epilepsy, and Severe Mental Health Disorders could be triggered by sound.
  • Pregnancy: Please refrain from attending if you are in your first trimester.
  • Recent Surgery with Implants: Please refrain from attending.
  • Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, or excessive caffeine consumption before the event.

Hosted by:
Maria – Light In Crystals 
Claire – Heart Led Sounds
Ree – Sound Werks 

Terms and Conditions:
The hosts reserve the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of host cancellation, a full refund will be provided to all registered guests. Guests can cancel their attendance up to 1 week before the event date. Please note that your deposit is non-refundable. Cancellation less than one week before the event is non-refundable. Tickets are transferable. You are welcome to transfer your place to another person. The hosts must be informed about any transfers made.

Contact: To register your interest or if you have any questions regarding the event – please email, or contact Maria 07727336678