CRYSTAL THERAPY (up to 70 mins) read more..

Techniques included in the whole session :

Analysing the 5D chakra patterns (13 chakras)

Crystal  Grids

Treating Back Breaks – Pranic tube repairs

Meridians – Acupuncture, painless, with NO needles

Layout – Placing crystals for each chakra, clearing, opening and activating ALL chakras

Treating negative energy/ blocks – Negative Spirals

Meridian and Brain Balance

Realigning all  layers of Aura


CUTTING THE CORDS OFF (advanced therapy, up to 2 hours)

What energetic cords are,  types of cords, example, what creates negative cords, why are cords detrimental or negative, what does cord work do, when is cord work appropriate and problem with cords is explained here:
Cords are energetic links between people and things. Energy fields interact through auric cords of light and these cords connect us to each other through our chakras.
There are 4 major types of cords:
These connect between your soul self and you on a physical level and are found in the Ketheric body.

These cords link to the energy field and tend to be in the Etheric template linked to the Throat Chakra.

These connect to your parents and are formed at conception through the Heart Chakra.

Found mainly in the Sacral Chakra/emotional body. These are the most common type and can be with anyone. The stronger the attachment and the more you interact with them, the stronger the cord is.

“Cutting cords doesn’t mean, “I don’t love you or care about you anymore.” Cord-cutting doesn’t necessarily lead to break-ups or abandoned relationships. It simply means that you are releasing the dysfunctional parts of your relationships. Remember, fear is the opposite of love, and etheric cords (and all attachments) are created from fear”. Doreen Virtue

Cords are not necessarily a bad thing despite what many books say, they become a problem when the relationship is out of balance or energy between people becomes blocked, stagnant and old. Cutting the cords can be a way of wiping the slate clean and starting a relationship with clear energy.

The ‘cord theory’ is simply a way of describing the theory of ‘oneness’ that is, our connection to each other and all things. It can be likened to the Native American tradition and their belief in the ‘web’ that links all things together.
All action, emotion and thought to send out vibrations that ripple through the ‘web’ and so affects everything else. The theory is designed to create awareness and understanding that there is a need to be responsible for our ‘ projections’ as they not only affect us but have an effect on the greater whole. In addition, it describes how we are all linked together and as such other people and creatures should be respected and treated as though they are in truth parts of who we are. This thought is reflected throughout the cultures and belief systems of mankind


EXAMPLE: So, the code theory goes like this. !!!  every thought, action and emotion is energy and whenever we have a communication with someone (or something) energy is sent and exchanged. Even if you get a phone call asking you if you want double glazing energy is exchanged and cords are created (so watch your thoughts and what you are creating!)
If as in this case you never speak to the person again the cords are not ‘fed’ and remain relatively insignificant. However, you have repeated conversations then the energy exchanged becomes greater and the cords in effect become stronger.
If the exchange is from someone whom you have strong emotions for (positive and negative )  the cords become even more apparent and if they are between family members and close relationships they become stronger still as you are involved with the individuals concerned on every level of your being.
So cords in themselves are not ‘ bad’ they just reflect the exchange of energy as we encounter daily situations and experiences throughout our lives.


In an ideal world, every individual would feel in a position to speak their truth. Not through a heated emotional reaction, but through a careful, calm and thoughtful expression of what their thoughts and feelings were. They would have no fear of creating a difficult situation in response. Of making someone angry, or of losing their job etc, they would feel confident in their right to honest expression. Similarly, the other parties involved would be completely open to hearing what was being said and they would respond, not through an emotional reaction, but through the careful and honest expression of their true feelings and thoughts. The ‘energy’ or communication would then be exchanged in this manner until the original situation was completely resolved.
If this were the case in all instances then all ‘cords’ would be of a positive nature.
Negative cords are created when the individual, rather than feeling free to speak their truth, hold back from expressing their true feelings and thoughts. If you just take a moment to reflect on the hundreds of occasions in your life when you have held back from being true to yourself. Think of the reasons why, perhaps your work colleagues were difficult, perhaps you felt you had to conform for whatever reason, perhaps you felt threatened, did not want to create a  ‘scene’ or did not want to upset the persons involved… The list can be endless and it is easy to understand just how easily cords can become detrimental.


Withheld energy creates pressure, energy by its nature has to move and tries to come to a natural state of equilibrium. Holding onto energy, through withheld expression etc causes an energy block and effectively attempts to hold energy in a state of imbalance. This has a detrimental effect on the whole. Not just within the energy field of the individual concerned but within all their relationships. For as the theory describes we are all connected and the vibrations of a state of dis-ease ripple out affecting the whole.


Working the cords serves to unblock or ‘remove’ tension and imbalance from the energy field of the individual and as such from every area of their lives. In this technique, I am taking the person through visualization, during which I am working with you and telling me what you see and sense and I work with the client until the situation is resolved.


1. Finally letting go of old hurts. Difficult relationship experiences, issues  that are in the ‘past’
2. Removing any tensions between family members as working the cords cuts away the garbage leaving relationship free to become stronger and more fulfilling. It is important to remember that ‘cutting’ cords you are not cutting the person out of your life, simply cutting the tension, frustration or hurt etc.
3. Clearing out the debris from daily encounters. Every time your button gets pushed then it is the time to cut the cords with that person and situation. Work to recognize what the situation/person is showing you, the issue that you need to address within yourself, but cut away the tension that you are less likely to fall into the same mindset again.
4. Clearing out the debris from work and clients. Sometimes we encounter harrowing experiences through therapy sessions. Cord-cutting is an effective way of keeping our own energies clear from attachment so that we continue to be in a position to aid others.

In truth, the only limit to cord work is the limit of our imagination. It is as I said a simple and yet effective way of clearing out the energy field so that we have a fresh approach to situations and relationships within our lives.

It is important to remember that it does not ‘solve’ a problem for you. It simply gives you a new approach and the means of pulling all your energies together to move forward. Neither does cord cutting erase your memory from the past. It can help to remove hurt and pain, but memories by their nature cannot be erased. They are a part of who we are and make up our experience of life, the good, the bad, the joyful and the horrors. Memories need to be processed so that we can look back at them all, no matter how traumatic and observe them without feeling and wave of hurt, pain, remorse etc.



Base Chakra cords – relate to security and grounding and are rooted to the earth. Problems with the cord shows as insecurity, tiredness, not feeling grounded, fearful, headaches, nausea, lightheadedness, all over weakness in the energy field and physical body.
There can be a tendency for people with base chakra cord problems to use meditation as a haven but this can make matters worse –  if you’re not grounded and then retreat into the Astral body and fill with higher energy you will feel worse and even less connected.

Sacral Chakra cords – relate to relationships, emotions, sexuality. Problems show as recurring patterns in relationships, emotional imbalance and mood swings, impotence, denial or overuse of sex and sexuality, problems with the reproductive system.

Solar Plexus cords – relate to personal power, acting appropriately, overconfidence as well as lack of confidence, looking after the physical body and your health. Problems show as control-freak behaviour or domination, belittling others to bolster the ego, giving over responsibility or control of their life to others.
A torn cord in this chakra may indicate overbearing parents as the cord is literally ripped from the energy field.

Heart Chakra cords – relate to unconditional love, a sense of oneness with people but still keeping your own space, sending out energy but still keeping some for yourself as well as others, seeing another person’s faults but not judging them but also not taking them on board either.

Throat Chakra cords – deal with communication on all levels. Problems show as not saying things you should, having trouble interacting in a relationship and not speaking your truth.

Third Eye Chakra cords – relate to your angelic self. Problem show as having difficulty moving forward with relationships and ideas, relationships with the self, love and connection to people on a level of spiritual love.

Crown Chakra cords – relate to the integration with the self, your God-self, spirituality and higher guidance. Problems show as not being really you, how you feel about yourself, not being in touch with who you really are or fulfilling your life purpose on a physical level.

TREATING CONTRACTS (up to 70 mins)

Contract work is another tool to remove deeply buried beliefs from the person’s energy field. Beliefs that are detrimental to that individual’s well-being. Perhaps, for example, a belief that you are not good enough, created by repeated situations where this belief was reinforced. Belief such as this will only serve to attract similar situations that only serve to perpetuate the original belief.

A contract is a deep-seated and regularly reinforced block (any kind of belief) :
a thought, statement or belief that has been given a lot of emotion or energy. It has so much behind it that, it becomes a program that can be very tough to shift as it works really deeply in the chakra and layer of the aura that is affected.
Often these are started in  CHILDHOOD and continually proved right and as such only become stronger and stronger and harder to move as time goes by, often taking more than one session of work to chip away as it’s like peeling an onion. Nearly everyone holds contracts of some kind which prevent them from moving on or cause dis-ease. If someone refuses to let go and pass on because they are clinging to life or something in it this can be a factor.

This can also be very useful for someone that is approaching death and needs to let go but is clinging to life. A way for a client to try and shift a contract themselves is to get them to imagine a bridge or archway of rose quartz and send the contract over or through it as a way to let go.
The client must recognise what the contract is to be able to do this technique and be willing to let go!


Akashic record therapy is an altered state therapy used when a client has a deep block which doesn’t seem to be shifting. It is a way for clients to access the Universal consciousness that is the Akashic record – a record of everything that there has been, is and will be and every thought, deed and emotion.
The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has own Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime.
Akashic records are like books keeping information of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. It looks like a Hall or Library, where all soul’s Akashic Records are stored energetically.

It is a way of getting back in touch with your ‘SOUL SELF’ and the purpose of this life you are living now.
The curiosity about past life in Akashic Record therapy or Resonance Therapy might sound innocent enough like “Let’s find out what my boyfriend/girlfriend was like in their past lives …” Learning who they were won’t improve your relationship until you understand who you are. We always want to begin with ourselves. Personal development is about the small Self. The good news is you are not the Self you think you are. You are a soul (subtle body) currently living in a human body.

This is another technique where I work with the client to resolve a deep block. It is mostly guided meditation based therapy and requires the client to communicate with the professional practitioner/therapist – with me. I would not use this type of therapy on a client for the first visit (The client should attend at least 4 Crystal therapy before this advanced Akashic record therapy or should be “ready” for this type of therapy).

If you find, you are constantly repeating a pattern or feel stuck in a rut, this is a way to find a way out of it or at the very least, get your head out of the rut and see the road ahead!


I release and heal any old buried pain from all of my body, now and forever.
In all dimensions and space, the past, the present, the future.

A Resonance Therapy is usually needed to identify and address an issue that has been buried deep inside the subconscious. The most common defence mechanism when searching and working such an issue is what is commonly known as ‘past life’. Resonance Therapy is a form of ‘Past Life Regression’.
It is important to recognize the significance of past life and to work it accordingly. Essentially it is a safe way of understanding a deep hurt/ issue as it effectively puts a distance between the client and the ‘now’ of their current life experience. Working experience of the ‘past’ puts the client in a place of detachment and as such, they are able to face and address the issue ‘from a distance’.
Please note however that ‘past life’ is simply one way of working with energy and unravelling the energy field in order to help you move forward, it is very important not to get caught up in the glamour of an apparent ‘past’ experience and so lose sight of the now. Remember that true ENLIGHTENMENT and spiritual growth can and will only occur when the person truly exists in the present, in the ‘now’ and completely in the flow with the third-dimensional experience, now.

Resonance is an intense way of working with energy but its nature is not a technique that I would use on a client for the first visit (The client should attend at least 4 Crystal therapy before this advanced Resonance therapy). It is a technique designed to aid a client who is ‘stuck’. The clients, they have experienced regular energy sessions from me and perhaps momentarily have moved forward in the situation, but then find themselves back where they started. Resonance therapy removes deep blocks.
It simply gives you a new approach and the means of pulling all your energies together to move forward. So please note, this therapy is not for people’s curiosity to find out who they were before. A good approach is taking more than one session of energy work to chip away any blockages as every therapy/treatment/session is like peeling an onion and this is what every therapy is all about.
The curiosity might sound innocent enough like “Let’s find out what my boyfriend/girlfriend was like in their past lives …” Learning who they were won’t improve your relationship until you understand who you are. We always want to begin with ourselves. Personal development is about the small Self. The good news is you are not the Self you think you are. You are a soul(subtle body) currently living in a human body.

INNER CHILD WORK (up to 2 hours)

The analogy of ‘Inner Child’ works on the approach that the human energy field holds the memory of everything you have ever thought, felt or experienced right from the time you were born.
Working with a person’s inner child seeks to find the cause of a pattern which may be causing problems in a person’s life. Often these are so old and ingrained that they are automatic and something the person barely notices any more. Our ‘childlike’ qualities such as our joy,  sense of hope, optimism, excitement openness and honesty are often affected as we grow and experience ‘ life’ more often than not the individual becomes disillusioned, hurt and their energies become ‘ squashed’ into adulthood.

When you are a child, you accept things at face value – everything you are told is taken as absolute truth, even if it is desperately wrong, and often shapes a person’s view of the world. Working with Inner Child through visualisation is a good way of looking back at those truths through adult eyes and re-evaluating them with love and non-judgement in order to release the harm they may be doing and gain a new perspective and self-forgiveness.
Some people can be quite amazed that they have seen things in the old way for so long without questioning it. It can make them feel silly for not seeing it sooner, however always remember that there is no blame attached and no-fault, you release the old pattern with love and move on to create a new one. This can be quite challenging for some people as they are often the solid ground everything else is built on and as such can cause a sense of fear if they are challenged and unease about creating a new world and future with fresh eyes. Some people are happier to continue as they are which is absolutely fine as we all have own time and style for developing /growing spiritually, mentally and emotionally. If someone is not ready now, he/she will be one day. Just the knowledge that people are repeating a pattern which is not so good for them and the results of this will eventually make them want a different outcome. There are only so many times you can do something that’s not improving your life and not want to change it!

Working with Inner Child is a deep altered state therapy which follows the same rules as regression and resonance (client has had at least 5 normal Crystal treatments and only if a client is ready to face the issues involved. )
Carrying out Inner Child work, therefore, enables the individual to release hurts and detrimental judgments and move on to embrace greater levels of enthusiasm, optimism and happiness.


It is beautiful and loving energy to use when working with the above techniques in that it offers such tremendous peace, understanding and hope. The most important crystal in pregnancy therapy used is ROSE QUARTZ. This crystal is offering a gentle love calming to the mind, body and spirit. This is the opportunity to let go of physical or emotional pain, hurt, grief etc and to soak in the vibration of creation and divinity, love, peace and tranquillity.
This energy work rebalances imbalance. Pregnancy session will calm and relax the body and deepen the connection between the Mother and her Baby.
In pregnancy crystal therapy Mother can connect to the unborn child through the visualization.
It is the time/ the opportunity to tell the child anything that Mother feels, wants to say, perhaps any hopes and dreams for the child, perhaps any doubts and reservations. Mother can feel the child/baby on a very deep level not only physical level.
In pregnancy crystal therapy will not be used any crystals with high energy level or high vibrations or intense crystals (Laser Wand, Snowflake Obsidian, Malachite, Smoky Quartz,  Pyramids …) so no dealing with deep negative blocks/ spirals. This session is very relaxing, calming and easing the physical discomfort of the Mother and strengthening the connection to her baby.


Crystal back massage and crystal reflexology is combined treatment using the benefits of the CRYSTALS  with the comfort of touch. Any crystal used in this treatment is best done through clothes or socks if it’s the feet. So this is also fully clothes session using long flowing strokes with little pressure on the body for the most relaxing effect and use anticlockwise circular motions to remove pain and clockwise to put energy back in.
It is very relaxing and can help immensely with people with self-worth issues. Those who feel cut off from others and those who give themselves no importance as it is a direct contact benefit just for them.
Any form of massage has physical benefits including:
– improving circulation
– calming nervous system
– stimulating the skin
– improving muscle tone
– easing aches and pains
– emotional healing from touch

Crystal reflexology works slightly differently to normal in that we work that by stimulating the feet and hands we encourage positive changes throughout the body by stimulating the body’s own healing potential. Since major meridians pass through the hands and feet it increases the beneficial effect and stimulates and revitalises the energy flow of all. Only smooth and rounded crystal is used for this treatment.

REMOVING STUBBORN ENERGY (entities, psychic attacks… ) (up to 70 mins )


The first energies to cop it and become ‘negative’ were the ‘Elementals’. By this, we mean the divas, or the persona of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Numerous publications warn of the mischievous nature of this realm and there has even been a book with photographs of ‘negative’ elementals taken within a cave.
In truth, yes the realm of the Dragons, Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, nymphs and Fairies can cause mischief, but not in a harmful way, rather more like the pranks of a child. The whole nature of their energies is happiness, laughter and closeness to the natural environment and who are more than happy to make themselves known to you, if you appreciate and nurture Mother Earth, take the time to appreciate her diverse beauty and to send love to them.

The elements of earth are within our chakras themselves, we can not detach from them. Rather we must seek to deepen our relationship with the elements, open our chakras and optimizing our energies reach the level of ascension.


Hat ‘off-planet’ alien energies can be negative and interfere with the human energy form. The idea is that alien energies can choose to attack an individual and create havoc in the energy system. Straight away you can see just how dis-empowering this approach is. How frightening to feel that a ‘force’ can choose to get you and that you can do nothing about it. There are individuals whose approach to ‘healing’ is looking for these implants and removing them and I have to say that this can actually work. However, this does not verify that they are real.
Energy follows thought, look for implants and negative alien energies and you will find them, you are putting out to the Universe that this is what you want to see and so you will be given what you ask for. You could always try it if you doubt what I say. However we look for a blockage deep within the energy system, a block that the individual concerned has put there through there own ‘issue’ and we will identify the same imbalance. My point is this, although less glamorous, it is far better to empower individuals through helping to identify the block and to understand how they have created it so that they can seek to improve their health and vitality, than to leave individual to think he/she is a victim if an energy far beyond their control and so instil fear.


This label covers energies of ‘souls’ that have passed on that were negative in nature, usually human. Again by the very nature of this, there is judgment. Once a soul has let go of the physical plane, it returns (the tunnel to the light of near-death experience) to a position of love. There is no tie to space and time, hence the experience of your life flashing in front of you, as you pass through the astral frequency and as such cross the rainbow bridge into the higher dimensions. Once there you are very aware of your actions. Thoughts. Emotions and the repercussion of these. Hence the experience of Heaven or Hell.
As such, therefore, energies do not linger around to attack others. However, dense vibrations do reside nearer the physical frequency as that is the nature of energy. The denser or more solid a frequency the closer to physicality it is. This does not mean though that the energy stays there ready to pounce. What it does mean is that if an individual resides on a frequency of fear, anger, frustration, etc then he will attract the frequency that resides on the same frequency. This, however, is true for all things. Like attracts like and we manifest through our own projections. Again it is far better to be aware that the individuals are aware that they create their reality through their own projections and attitudes and seek to help how to grow and change than to dis-empower individual through labelling them has had negative entities ‘attached’ to them.


Psychic attack is a step on from negative entities in that it is a deliberate design to cause harm and misfortune on another though sending negative thought projection to them. It is a similar vein of thought to voodoo and witchcraft (I refer to negative or black magic only) only here the thought is intensified through ritual and incantation.
Psychic attack is real and yet it can only have an effect on you if you reside in the same frequency, That is if you are sending negative thought projection to others, consciously or subconsciously, or if you have fear, hurt, frustration etc within you. From this it becomes clear that the more you occupy yourself with clearing out your energy field, refining your thought process and raising your awareness/vibrations, the less the effect of others on your reality. If you are happy, open, honest and do your best to live in truth and are sensitive to your own needs and the needs of others, the psychic attack can be looked upon with pity and forgiveness. It cannot affect you, simply it shows you the unhappy situation/ reality that others perhaps choose to reside in. lead by example and through your own happiness and light, inspire others to grow and change also.


Again there is a lot of fear around the area of “spirits”. We have looked at a more truthful image of this already, echoes of energy can “rattle” around a building or place. It is important not to feel threatened or afraid, energy is love and looks at it simply as energy in the wrong place.
Usually, through our own fear, or due to an imbalance within our own energy field, the external reality is manifest.
In the case of poltergeists, we will work out any imbalances and remove stubborn energy from the energy field.

SPACE CLEARING (By consultation only )

Places and things can collect and hold memories of the energy and events which build up over time and can affect the atmosphere if the event is severe enough it can cause immediate problems. Much energy is produced by the occupants of property and builds and builds until it becomes extreme.
One of the common labels is poltergeists which are often focused around a person, extreme manifestation of the person’s energy.

DISTANCE WORK (children up to 12 years, £30)

I do distance work in case:
Someone might need assistance urgently and not be able to get to me.
Might be someone who lives too far away for normal treatment.
Might be an “emergency call”
Might be someone who is too ill to travel
Might just be five-minute support I need to send to someone
Children usually won’t stay on a couch for the whole session so this is a good technique to do on them. (only with the permission of parents)

Distance or remote healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.