About CT


If you are open and willing to explore the world of energy healing, this is a wonderful place to start…

Crystal therapy is a complementary therapy that utilises the natural power of crystals and gemstones to improve health and well-being, works on the whole body. Crystal therapy/ healing works in a holistic way which means looking at the WHOLE person and not just the presenting symptoms but deeper to where the cause of the ‘dis-ease’ lies.
The treatment restores health and balance at all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.  Seeking and treating the root/cause of the problem, not only the symptoms. Appropriate healing crystals are chosen and are placed on the chakras (the meaning of chakra- below)  or around the body to activate and support the natural self-healing process.

It is FULLY CLOTHED therapy and it is about to bring balance in the body by clearing negative energy spirals/blocks using crystals, their energy and their healing properties by their UNIQUE.

Therefore the healing is about looking at the whole person and any connections such as outside influences, the home, social and work environments, relationships, attitudes, and state of mind. Crystals work by balancing energy, boosting low energy, screening out damaging energy, releasing stagnant or blocked energy, and transforming destructive patterns.  Very effective in relieving stress, which can cause Headaches, Insomnia, Allergies and all manner of aches and pains.
Crystal therapy/healing is not a ‘quick fix’ but helps a person to tune in to the rhythms of life, to release attitudes and habits and to balance the forces that affect the life and health of a person. It can, however, be used to recharge flagging energies just as one would recharge a draining battery and can assist in all types of illnesses.

Crystal healing gets to the core of any problem and gently releases the blocks of energy that have caused it. Problems that have been manifesting for a long time will usually take longer to begin healing and a client needs to be responsible and take care of themselves in between sessions, making sure that they carry out any advice given by the crystal therapist.

Most illnesses result from a combination of factors. There will be dis-ease at subtle levels. This dis-ease may be emotional or mental. Or a sign of spiritual unease or disconnection. There may be misaligned connections between the physical body and the biomagnetic sheath. Other energetic disturbances may be caused by environmental factors such as electromagnetic smog or geopathic stress.

Many people in this New Age are now seeking alternative ways to treat and cure their ailments. The understanding and awareness of crystals and their healing powers have flourished. The crystals will take us on a journey of self-discovery and self-healing as well as helping others on their journey.

The newly awakening interest in crystals and their properties is merely touching on the true potential of crystalline energy. 

Research has discovered that there was a common thread that associated crystals with divine contact such as angelic messengers and carrying with them divine power. Native American and Aboriginal stories, Ancient Vedic texts, The Old Testament, Muslim and Rabbinical sources all refer to crystals as being GIFTS OF THE GODS. They were seen as a link between humanity and its divine source and therefore were widely used by Priests, Shamans and lama’s. Crystal healing as it is developing today continues this widespread tradition, exploring new ways in which THE MINERAL KINGDOM   CAN HELP US RESTORE BALANCE TO OUR STRESSFUL LIVES.

Common misconceptions

People are asking me if there is a MAGIC used within the Crystal Therapy/ healing. Some people believe Crystal therapy- healing using crystals work like a magic wand and that everything will be better immediately. The word THERAPY means a treatment that helps someone feel better, grow stronger, etc., especially after an illness. Instead of magic, crystals enhance what you are already working on. They are very interactive and rely on you being actively involved in your own spiritual journey. For this reason, it can be helpful to continue your work outside of crystal therapy/ healing sessions.


Crystal healing is a complementary and natural approach, which means it can be used alongside conventional medical treatment/ traditional medicine and has no negative side-effects. The benefits of crystal healing take place on several different levels.

The most common benefit is the deep relaxation that takes place during a session. This type of relaxation helps aid general well-being and is particularly useful when treating stress and anxiety. It can relieve the physical symptoms of stress-related diseases and may well assist with immune disorders, sleeping problems and provide physical pain relief by relaxing muscle tension. On an emotional and spiritual level, crystals can help enhance self-esteem, encourage clarity and inspire a sense of peace and centredness- grounding.

Anyone can enjoy these benefits, however, if you are sceptical about the process you will naturally close yourself off. Because of this, having an open mind and no preconceptions or assumptions is key.  

Physical benefits (this list mentions only a few, common ailments)


Aches & Pains


Blood Pressure High/Low



Digestive problems


Frozen shoulder

Hay fever


Immune system

Menstruation / Menstrual conditions

Skin conditions

Mental Benefits

Provides a sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity

Release anxiety and stress

Increases levels of alertness and concentration

Lifts feelings of depression, despondency and desperation

Clears the perspective

Eases mental tiredness

Subtle Benefits

Balances Chakra Energy

Releases Stagnant Energy, boosting available energy on all levels

Connects you to your place of inner peace and healing 

Helps you develop spiritually and find your true purpose in life

Provides a general feeling of having been healed


Your session will begin with a consultation. This is when we talk about what brought you to crystal therapist and what you expect of it and hoping for. Taking client details.  We will discuss a few questions as crystal therapy is a holistic approach which means it looks at all aspects of health: physical, mental and spiritual so I want to get a full picture (lifestyle, emotional, mental and social factors).
Sessions will be tailored specifically to your needs. A treatment session typically involves the fully clothed patient lying down. When you are relaxed with your eyes closed, qualified therapist then intuitively identifies problem areas , will read and treat any negative energy/blocks of energy flows, re-balance any imbalances in an energy field/aura, will balance meridian system and fully ground you by using  crystals, their healing properties, colours and their unique vibrations. Crystals will be placed on and all over your body to restore energy flow or re-establish balance. Your therapist may add more or remove some of the crystals during the session.
Some people report feeling sensations while others feel nothing.  Please don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, this doesn’t mean the healing didn’t take place or your energies haven’t been affected.

At the end of your session, the therapist will remove the crystals, you’ll be fully grounded and become to be aware of your surroundings and physical sensations. Some people feel a difference in themselves immediately, for others, it takes longer for the healing to take effect.

You may be recommended a number of treatments and often people choose to have ongoing treatments to support their overall health. As the healing takes place, you may experience an energetic detox, when negative energy quickly leaves your body. One treatment typically lasts for about 70 minutes.
Crystal therapy is normally used by patients as an addition to conventional treatments. It is employed in the treatment of virtually all medical conditions, for improving the quality of health in individuals or for disease prevention. Therapists use crystal wands as part of aura therapy in order to cleanse a patient’s aura.
All you need to do is close your eyes, relax and enjoy the treatment!


Every one of us is different.  Some of us are more sensitive to energy than others. During your treatment, you may feel some tingling, warmth or coolness. You may be aware of shifting energies and see colours,  feeling physical sensations during the treatment, or you may feel as if you are “somewhere”. You may experience  some change in emotions, which will help you to unwind, relax and rebalance your body’s energies, and allowing your body to begin to heal naturally.  You can experience some sensations or not. You can feel completely nothing. You do NOT need to feel any sensations, the treatment will be effective/efficient anyway. Everything depends on your condition and your level of awareness, how you let your mind and body to relax, to let go …
Please be sure that during the treatment the place is perfectly safe. Any feelings/sensations mean the body is responding to the treatment, the energy field coming back into balance, and can do NO harm to anybody.
Allow all the concerns to fade away and enjoy your time! It is a very relaxed session after all!


Crystal therapy does NOT  diagnose illness, disease or any other physical or mental condition. Crystal treatment is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, it is a complementary therapy/treatment that is intended to work side by side with conventional treatment. You are fully responsible for your own wellbeing and for reporting your physical and psychological health to your own doctor, General Practitioner /family doctor/consultant in the first instance.  Crystal therapy is a holistic complementary healthcare practise and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal therapy practitioner.