Puja Night

All Night Gong Puja

We invite you to come and experience the Sacred Gong Healing through the night .

Sleep with the gongs at our All Night Gong Puja as we play gongs through the night on 27th April 2024.

Join us to celebrate the World Healing Day.

World Healing Day is celebrated by countless nations, and events have been taking place at the United Nations building and the Nobel Peace Center. The mission of WHD is to connect human consciousness for 24 hours every year, focusing on global health and healing

The word ‘Puja’ means reverence, honour, homage, adoration, worship.
The Gong Puja is an offering of Love, Reverence and Devotion to the Divine, the Divine that resides within All Life. A Ritual to honour and create the space for deep personal and collective transformation.

The Gong Puja was created by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux where the gongs are continuously played throughout the night for 7.5 hours (equivalent to 10 x 45 mins Gong baths) which is said to be a complete sound journey for shifting blockages and bringing in divine, powerful healing.


ALL NIGHT PUJA And Brain Waves (

SOUND HEALING (read more+)

Benefits : Gong Baths are said to bring many benefits including bringing inner stillness where deep healing can occur. They can also strengthen the nervous system and balance the chakras thereby increasing energy/vitality and alleviating stress.


Doors open at 20:00 and close at 21:00; please ensure timely arrival.

We start at 21:00 by Opening Cacao or Tea Ceremony.

Next is a short guided meditation to help us power up our intentions.

We break around 22:00 to prepare for the night of dreaming and sound journeying.

Gong Bath starts at 22:30, and goes on until 06:00 – experience 7,5 hours of sound immersion with gongs, singing bowls, and more, led by Maria and Claire …

06:00 – 07:00 Shunyata (silence)

07:00 – 07:25 waking with chimes & instruments

Next is light breakfast** (will be provided) and an opportunity to chat and share your experiences.

Depart by 08:00 am.

**breakfast consists of fresh fruits, granola, vegan milk, croissants, tea and coffee.

Address: Baldock place will be agreed with facilitators

Price: £ 99 payable one week before the date of the event
A non refundable deposit of £30 to secure your place.
payment plan available
Tickets must be booked in advance through Light In Crystals
Limited spaces available, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Terms and Conditions:
The hosts reserve the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances.
In the event of host cancellation, a full refund will be provided to all registered guests.
Guests can cancel their attendance up to 1 week before the event date. Please note your deposit is non refundable.
Cancellation less than one week prior to the event is non-refundable.
Tickets are transferrable. You are welcome to transfer your place to another person.
Hosts must be informed about any transfers made.

What to expect:
Once you arrive, you will set up your bed for the night. We will then being the evening by welcoming you all and explaining the plan.
We will have some gentle body flow movement to prepare the body and mind to receive the gong. We will then hold a sacred cacao ceremony or tea intentions, this needs to be discussed to open the heart and set any manifestations and intentions you have. A guided meditation and deep breathing will settle you to bed down and the gongs will begin playing.

During the Puja, you will just lie down, meditate and sleep, or you may choose to stay awake or drift in and out of sleep throughout the night.
You will be immersed in the gentle continuous sound of the gongs , giving your body the opportunity to enter a deep state of relaxation. The vibrations will wash over you, unblocking, cleansing and freeing you from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

After 7.5 hours of continuous gentle gong playing, you will be woken by the softs sounds of crystal bowls and chimes. You’ll rise at your own pace, coming back to reality and we will enjoy some herbal tea and fruit whilst reflecting before you leave.

What to bring:
Please wear comfortable and warm clothing (preferably white).
Bedding – bring anything that will help you to be comfortable, as you will be sleeping on the floor: camp beds, yoga mat, airbed ( single size per 1 person; make sure you have an air pump if you need one), sleeping bag/blankets and a pillow (please be mindful to check that your blowup beds are not too noisy to disturb others),
Eye mask
Ear plugs if you are a light sleeper (this will not impact the power of the gongs)
Water bottle
Whatever you need to feel comfortable through the night as you will be undoubtedly be drifting in and out of sleep trance.
If we are not going to provide anything for the morning, we can add this:
We ask you kindly to bring your own mug for tea, and a bowl and spoon for your breakfast of cereal or granola, to avoid using disposable items.

Tea, cofee and hot water provided all night.

Precautions: Tinnitus, Pacemaker, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Severe Mental Health Disorders. Do not consume alcohol, recreational drugs or too much caffeine before attending a gong bath.

Please do not attend if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, have a pacemaker or have recently undergone surgery with implants.
Due to the nature of event we suggest no children below 18 years old.

Hosted by: Maria – Light In Crystals
Claire – Heart Led Sound

Contact: To register your interest or if you have any questions regarding the event – please email lightincrystals@gmail.com, or contact Maria 07727336678